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Light Management


LED Touch Dimmer

  • Used to dim and switch incandescent lamps, HV halogen lamps, and dimmable LED retrofit and compact fluorescent lamps
  • Soft start for smooth switch-on
  • Switch-on brightness may be permanently stored
  • Also slaves may be connected
  • Functionality and operation are based on the well-known touch dimmer principle

Universal Rotary Dimmer

  • For dimming and switching bulbs, HV halogen lamps as well as dimmable inductive transformers or Tronic transformers with halogen lamps.
  • Soft start for a gentle switch-on procedure.
  • Several dimmer satellites may be connected.
  • Available in all JUNG product ranges.

Universal Touch Dimmer

  • Shortly pressing the button switches lighting on or off, pressing the upper or bottom edge of the button for longer infinitely increases or decreases brightness.
  • Pressing the button dimmer full face saves brightness: When the light is switched on the next time, the brightness will be set to this value.
  • Also satellites may be connected to the universal button dimmer and lights be dimmed using the satellites.
  • Available in all JUNG product ranges.

Universal 2-gang Dimmer

  • Allows two lights to be dimmed using to mechanically independent buttons included in only one flush-mounted box.
  • The internal memory feature allows brightness values to be saved.
  • Also satellites may be connected to the universal series button dimmer (for one channel only) and lights be dimmed using the satellites.
  • Ideal for retrofitting. Any existing series switch may be replaced by the universal series button dimmer.
  • Available in all JUNG product ranges.

Tronic Transformers

  • Electronic transformers for connecting LV halogen lamps.
  • Various types for load ranges from 10 to 200W.
  • Internal short-circuit, overtemperature, and open-load protection.
  • Various types and styles for different applications.
  • May be dimmed using Tronic, universal rotary, or button dimmers without limitations.

Automatic Switch

  • If motion is detected in the sensing area, lighting will automatically be switched on and switched off after a set delay – convenient and energy-saving.
  • The splash-proof IP44 model is suited for outdoor and sanitary applications.
  • Available in all JUNG product ranges.

Automatic Switch 2.20m

  • For motion-based indoor lighting control.
  • Thanks to its special lens design, large detected area that also includes the perpendicular downward area.
  • Installed in the designated mounting height of 2.2m above a door, it turns the lighting on when a person passes the door to enter the room.
  • Available as standard or universal model.
  • For the universal model, settings are made using an infrared remote control.
  • Available in A, CD and LS design ranges.

Movement / Presence detector

  • Automatic switching of lighting depending on the motion and ambient brightness
  • 360 ° field of detection for mounting heights of up to 6 m
  • 3 independent PIR sensors
  • Extension of the detection area by grouping up to 5 devices
  • Also available as a twilight switch thanks to integrated brightness sensor
  • Staircase function with switch-off warning
  • Optimized burglary prevention through presence simulation

Presence Detectors

  • For presence-controlled indoor lighting control.
  • Installed together with flush-mounted insert only at the ceiling for monitoring the working surface located below it, e.g. a desk.
  • Features a detected angle of 360°.
  • May be connected to a dimmer insert.
  • Available in universal or wireless design.

Ceiling Automatic Switch

  • For indoor lighting control in corridors or aisles based on motion and ambient brightness.
  • Used together with flush-mounted insert and exclusively mounted to ceilings.
  • Features a detection angle of 360°.


  • For outdoor applications.
  • Switches electrical loads, e.g. lighting, on if it senses the heat of moving objects.
  • Unit remains switched on as long as motion is sensed and switches off after a preset delay.
  • Various types featuring different detected angles of 70°, 110°, 180°, or 220°.

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