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LG Control Solution

LG Electronics

LG Control Solution Introduction

LG Central Control System provides integrated control solution for System Air
Conditioner. You can conveniently manage via smartphone, laptop, and touch screen in order to optimize the building temperature.

Energy Monitoring

Historic data of building energy control system can be accessed periodically so that you can monitor and modify the settings to realize the optimum energy management

Auto Changeover

Precise temperature control enables efficient usage of air conditioning system and prevents unnecessary loss of energy.


All control devices are intelligently inter-linked to each other in order to attain the optimal building control.

Visual Navigation

Building control can be easily managed simply by looking at the actual floor plan on the screen. 3D user interface helps you conveniently manage the building energy usage.

Smart Reporting

All operation details including power consumption per indoor unit and error history are provided. For more precise and efficient energy control, even the daily report can be provided.

Schedule Control

Power on and off of energy consuming devices of the building can be time-scheduled so that you do not have to manually control every time.

Building Management System Gateway

Building Management System Gateway Products (BACnet, Modbus and Lonworks)
easily makes linkages between LG air conditioners and existing building systems.

Cost-Effective Facilities Control

With minimal investment, you can manage everything from LG system air conditioning system to external building systems.

Central Controller

AC Smart IV

Large 10.2” touch screen with intuitive GUI (Graphic User Interface) allows easy contro


User can access the control system online anytime, anywhere without access to PC or specific application

AC Manager IV

PC software up to 32 ACP can be connected so that 8,192 indoor units can be controlled and monitored


Easy to manage up to 32 indoor units include ventilation with simple commander

BMS(Building Management System) Gateway



Through embedded control function in BACnet, it is compatable with BMS


LonWorks helps interface between BMS and LG air conditioners


Modbus helps interface with other controllers

Individual Controller

Premium Controller

5-inch full touch screen with premium design

Standard Controller

Providing easy control of one or a group of indoor units with various functions

Simple Controller

A simple way to control office or hotel systems in a compact design

Wireless Controller

Wireless control to operate air conditioners more conveniently

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