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iD Click Ultimate

Tarkett Ltd
iD Click Ultimate: Tarkett’s new modular vinyl generation for swift, aesthetic and robust renovation
Tarkett UK - July 2018 – Tarkett unveiled its new generation of floor renovation for professionals -- iD Click Ultimate. With the strength and feel of wood and stone, and all the advantages of luxury vinyl tiles, iD Click Ultimate offers time saving and durable alternatives to architects, designers, chain owners and shop fitters looking for stylish solutions to fit out stores, shops, and hotels. Both easy on the eye and underfoot, iD Click Ultimate’s exclusive range was made with professionals in mind. Easy to lay in very little time, extremely resistant and environment proof, and of the highest aesthetic quality, Tarkett’s new collection meets the increasingly demanding needs of retail and hospitality industries today. 
During refurbishments and renovations, business continues and time is of the essence. Tarkett’s innovative product provides high quality, quick to install solutions, thereby reducing business downtime for stores and hotels on a tight schedule. With iD Click Ultimate, there’s no waiting, no gluing, no special tools required and little to no subfloor preparation needed—it can even be installed directly over ceramic tiles and most existing subfloors. 
Top facts:
- I4F triple lock click system to speeds up the installation phase
- up to 30% faster than traditional angle-angle click systems 
- approximately 8 hours for one person to install up to 100m2 of flooring
Retail displays are regularly updated, offices layouts change and restaurants and hotels welcome daily influxes of customers and deliveries. With its Rigid Composite Core, iD Click Ultimate is extremely durable and highly resistant to withstand all manner of scratches, scuffs, indentations and abrasions caused by daily wear and tear. 
Top facts: 
- extra dense, Rigid Composite Core technology 
- environment-proof, withstanding water and variations in temperature up to 60°C 
- maintains excellent dimensional stability
- resistant to indentation from static and rolling heavy loads of up to 600kg. 
- special surface treatment protects the floor from stains and facilitates cleaning
Available in a premium range of 15 elegant wood and stone designs, iD Click Ultimate is a go-to reference for creating warm, timeless, stylish and contemporary atmospheres for retail and hospitality environments. Products look and feel like actual hard floor, thanks to their Rigid Composite Core and the lifelike traces and patterns of high definition printing and embossing-in-register (EIR) treatment. For a cosier effect, the 100% matte finish of the wooden oak designs replicates the essence of real materials and adds authenticity to interior spaces.
Ideal for hotel rooms, iD Click Ultimate’s built-in acoustic backing has integrated SoundBlock Technology which creates quieter environments, dampening noise levels in rooms and between floors by 19dB. And say goodbye to unwanted background noise in hotel rooms, as iD Click Ultimate has better sound absorption qualities than most hard floor solutions. An added bonus: no supplementary acoustic underlay is required, which eliminates extra installation time and costs. 
Top fact:
- 19dB sound absorption thanks to SoundBlock Technology
iD Click Ultimate is 100% phthalate-free, thereby contributing to healthy interior spaces. With a total volatile organic compounds’ level below 100µg/m3, it is compliant to EU standard and thus ensures good indoor air quality in premises.
Top facts: 
 100% phthalate-free
 total volatile organic compound level below 100µg/m3
 compliant to EU standards
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