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With Hamilton's smart control solutions you can alter ambient lighting, audio and other electrical services to create a desired mood and save energy at the touch of a button or with a smart phone.

Hamilton’s out-of-the-box, plug-and-play Smart Lighting Control system is easy to install and comes with pre-programmed plates so all that is needed is to wire up the system. Once installed, the user can create and recall lighting scenes from anywhere in the home using a wall-mounted control plate, or remotely with the Hamilton iOS/Android app.

Dimmed scenes can also support a 20-30% reduction in energy consumption. Meanwhile, the new DMX control option allows an RGB colour wash to be used as accent lighting to add drama to a space: residential, hotels, restaurants, bars/clubs, health spas, museums, entertainment spaces such as home cinemas and so much more, both inside and out.


Special features
4 channels each rated at 600W, plus one additional volt free relay output, so that you have the ability to switch on non-dim circuit items such as extractor fans. / All 5 outputs are protected by MCBs (miniature circuit breaker) and a mains switch disconnector. / Soft start feature prevents nuisance tripping and extends lamp life. / Not reliant on manufacturer’s commissioning. / Individual circuit control for on/off, raise/lower. / Compatible with most LED lamps / Settings unaffected by power failure. / Easily added to and upgraded at a later stage. / Multiple control options and mixes. / Wiring between dimmer pack and control station is CAT5/6 cable or Beldon 20AWG cable (twisted pairs).
Suitable for residential/Commercial/Hospitality
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