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Granite tiles / slabs


Granite is one of the oldest, most durable and most respected of building materials. It is typically the hardest of the dimensional stones and withstands the elements very well.


305x305x10mm, 400x400 x10mm, 457 x 457x 10mm & 600 x 600 x 10mm.
Granite contains three main minerals: quartz, alkali feldspar, and plagioclase feldspar
1.African Rainbow, 2.Antracite, 3.Azul Bahia, 4.Azul Noche, 5.Balmoral Red, 6.Baltic Brown, 7.Bellini, 8.Berry Black, 9.Black Antique, 10.Black Cosmic, 11.Black Marinace, 11.Blue Night, 12.Blue Pearl, 13.Blue Pearl Gt, 14.Brown Antique, 15.Cappucino, 16.Elegant Dune, 17.Emerald Pearl, 18.Fusion Black, 19.Giallo Cecilia, 20.Labrador Antico, 21.Matrix, 22.Namib Gold, 23.Nero Zimbabwe, 24.Pietra Lavica, 25.Pompeii, 26.Rosso Africa, 27.Steel Grey, 28.Verde Fuoco, 29.Verde Marina, 30.Viscount White, 31.Volga Blue & 32.Wasabi.
Polished, velvet, vintage, antique, brushed, and others available on request
It is best for kitchen counter tops because it is scratch, stain and heat resistant. It is also suitable for flooring or paving, wall cladding and all other types of counter tops. Granite is Suitable for either exterior or interior applications.
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