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Glass Revolving Doors & Oversized (tall) Revolving Doors up to 6M tall.

Open Architecture & Technology for Entrances Ltd.

Glass Revolving Doors & Oversized (tall) Revolving Doors up to 6M tall.

Transparent glass drum to provide "openness and space" to meet the architectural Design Intent.


Outer diameter from 2000 mm; Height of door to meet design intent.

Drive unit

Concealed underfloor sliding door or revolving door


Activation by means of infrared movement sensors, which can be concealed in the floor


12 mm to 16 mm safety glass, continuous stainless steel guide rail with integrated guide track for door leaves


Minimal frame in anodised aluminium, polyester powder coated or stainless steel finish

Open Construction Matting System with Ribbed Carpet Inserts.

Roll-up hard-wearing entrance mat with rigid aluminium frame and with impact and sound insulation underlay. Carpet inserts are recessed, robust weather-proof ribbed carpet strips available in grey, anthracite, beige, blue

The open construction matting systems with 3mm gaps provide easy access to underfloor operators, because open matting systems can be rolled up, thus allowing dirt and moisture to fall into the gaps, making sure the mat surface remains clear, which significantly reduces the transference of grit and dirt as well as preventing damage to internal area floor finishes. The 17mm carpet insert soaks up 5 litres of water per square meter.

Concealed Underfloor Air Curtain

To comply with the minimalist design approach to conceal any item which has no visible architectural merit, air curtains are designed in the same manner.

Standard air curtains have a bulky range of fan coil equipment which we break down into its simplest form and arrange to be installed in an adequately sized and ventilated area as close to the entrance as possible; often within a basement area, storage area, the underside of basement ceilings or a cavity area within a suspended ceiling.

From the location of the fan coil unit, it is possible able to pipe into the entrance through the floor, the ceiling or sides, the warm air required to provide a full air curtain, enabling the ambient temperature of choice to be maintained within the lobby area of the building. Provision of air curtains via electricity or water is possible, depending on the M&E requirements of the building and the visible grilles within the entrance are designed as bespoke items, often in stainless steel, to meet the required design intent.

The air curtains, are designed to be suitable for each project, as their efficiency relies on the location and orientation of the building that they are installed in. Sophisticated data and analysis is required to achieve a full and effective air curtain and thus we combine BRE data and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) programming studies to simulate the entrance prior to installation.

The simulations reveal the air recirculation zones, areas of energy losses and levels of turbulence when different air velocities are applied to the model, taking the external factors into account. The result is thus a comparable measured effectiveness of the air curtain at different velocities and volumes and forms the specification for the type and size of fan coil unit and connecting pipe work to be installed.

Air curtains integrated into the entrance reduce carbon emissions and save on energy bills.


12 Arthur Street; Architect HKR

1 Church Road Richmond TW9; Architect ESA

63 St Mary Axe; Architect ESA

97 Oxford Road, Uxbridge UB8; Architect ESA

125 Wood Street London EC3; Architect Aukett Fitzroy Robinson

• All-glass drum sliding doors or revolving doors with glass lid designed to a height of 4500mm; equipped with a full air curtain located within a pit beneath finished floor of the drum sliding door set.

• In-floor full air-curtain with solid stainless steel bespoke grilles.


Up to 6 metres
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