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Gas 310/610 Eco Pro


The Gas 310/610 Eco Pro is specially designed for maximum versatility and energy efficiency. Available in five to ten sections, its compact design means it fits through any standard doorway. For restricted or awkward access, it can be disassembled into parts, reducing labour and time costs.

The Gas 310/610 Eco Pro has the capacity to be installed side-to-side which provides flexibility in floor design. It also has an optional secondary return feature that makes this boiler particularly suitable for use with heating technologies that use low grade heat, such as heat pumps or underfloor heating circuits.

Features and benefits:

  • Available in 13 different models
  • High-efficiency boiler up to 98.4% GCV - higher than average energy savings
  • Lightweight construction and supplied fully assembled on wheels - quick and easy installation
  • Easy to disassemble - time and labour savings, particularly where access is restricted or awkward
  • Extremely compact at only 72cm wide - able to fit through a standard doorway
  • Ability to be installed side-to- side - added flexibility of plant room configuration
  • Ultra-low Class 5 NOx emission levels from 26mg/kWh (0% 02, dry) - Low pollutant emissions meeting all environmental legislation
  • Intelligent advanced boiler control with options for direct weather compensation - close matching of heat demand at all times for maximum energy efficiency
  • Digital diagnostic display and remote signalling options - easy operation and maintenance
  • Quiet operation less than 59 dBA - improved comfort

At this link you can find all the technical information:

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