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Gas 220 Ace


Putting control in your hands, the new Gas 220 Ace is a free-standing, gas fired, high-efficiency condensing boiler range that sets new standards.

Thanks to an innovative design, based on an aluminium monobloc platform, the boiler is effortlessly lightweight, manoeuvrable and adaptable to space-saving configurations.

The Gas 220 ace is a premium boiler that exceeds expectations in performance capability and design simplicity.

Features and benefits:

  • Wide range of outputs - available in 160, 200, 250 and 300 kW models
  • Modular design for any space - all connections and pipework enter the top so Gas 220 Ace models can be positioned side-to-side or back-to-back. This means a modular configuration enabling large outputs can be installed in difficult to reach areas.
  • A more stable and reliable design - the monobloc heat exchanger is built from a single piece of aluminium which makes it inherently more stable and reliable
  • Lightweight and manoeuvrable - lightweight and supplied with integral wheels so it can be delivered through a standard door and lifts, plus easy to manoeuvre within plant rooms. In addition, no boiler disassembly is required during servicing
  • Total control as standard - a specially designed microprocessor is at the heart of the control system with time and temperature controls supplied as standard - set and controlled by the end user
  • Modular design for any space - high efficiency up to 97.7%; ultra low NOx, to ErP ecodesign (iii) 2018 and EN155 Pt1 2015; class 6 - future proofed for emissions regulations; optional secondary return feature for use with both CT and VT circuits; quiet operation - less than 52dBA; data file for storing fault/run information; ErP compliant

At this link you can find all the technical information:

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