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Fumed Oak Luxury SPC Rigid Flooring

The Solid Wood Flooring Company

Impervia® Vinyl Flooring - Commercial grade heavy duty, water and stain resistant rigid vinyl floor board. Featuring push-fit Valinge 5G I system, textured wood-effect surface, built in acoustic dampening IXPE backing. Suitable for use with under floor heating. Warm and soft to walk on, this rigid flooring will enhance interior décor. The nearest thing to real wood without the worry of humidity or water. If you are considering Amtico or Karndean make sure you see an Impervia® sample first.

European Oak brushed textured Oak look.
Mineral based core made up of magnesium oxide (MGO core) reinforced with tough fibreglass for stability and durability means it is fireproof, as magnesium oxide is used in furnace linings and crucibles.
Waterproof. Fire Proof. Dent Proof. Shift Proof and Mould Proof.
Environmentally sustainable.
Waterproof IXPE backing so no underlay needed.

MGO is made up of 100% minerals widely used in the construction industry and is recognised as safe, stable and resistant to fire, water mould and denting. There is no need for any transition gaps (expansion) for areas up to 30 metres x 30 meters

Specific Benefits:
Water Resistant: the rigid core helps to prevent warping when exposed to moisture, this means you can install in virtually any conditions, especially bathrooms and basements.
Fire Resistance: the stone composite rigid core is fire resistant.
Durability: good at resisting damage form impacts like high heels and heavy objects.
Stability: the high density stone core makes this flooring more resistant to expanding and contracting than other floors:
Easy Installation: The Valinge 5Gi push fit system makes the Impervia® floor a DIY solution, and with the IXPE backing it means you can install directly over most existing floors, such as oLd wood, stone and ceramic tiles etc.
Price: This flooring is cheaper than real wood and softer to walk on.

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6.5mm (5mm plank + 1.5mm IXEP backing)