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FDT Rhepanol® PIB

SIG Design & Technology

FDT Rhepanol PIB – high quality membrane with unique independent Life Cycle Assessment
Rhepanol PIB single ply (made from polyisobutylene) is the only single-ply membrane with the unique independent Life Cycle Assessment rating of DIN EN ISO 14040 part ff. As such its environmental credentials are unrivalled.

Rhepanol has proved its mettle over the last 50 years, with over 100 million sq. m of the membrane installed worldwide. First developed in 1938, it’s the oldest synthetic membrane in the world. There are three types:

  • Rhepanol fk is the standard membrane for waterproofing and is ideal for both new build and refurbishment. This premier single ply can be installed directly over bitumen and over most substrates.  Liquid Rhepanol copper paint has been developed to offer a look-alike metal solution without the associated cost. The membrane absorbs the paint until the two materials become homogenous, which means the paint never flakes or cracks.
  • Rhepanol hg is suitable for intensive, extensive and landscaped green roofs, is hot-air welded and has full FLL certification as a root and rhizome barrier. The membrane can be used with decking, gravelling, paving or planting, to provide inviting spill out areas for occupiers: space for gardens, outdoor meeting zones, dining, socialising or storage.
  • Rhepanol fk in white maximizes energy capture in photovoltaic applications. Due to its colour, white Rhepanol fk maximizes solar rays back into solar panels. It’s also permanently resistant to UV radiation and provides an anti-slip underlay so PV panels can be installed to up to 9.5 degrees which is at a greater pitch than achievable with other membranes.

Requiring no hot works, Rhepanol fk’s unique self-sealing edge and Gripfix system means it is installed quickly and with ease in three simple steps. First the substrate is cleared of loose chippings and debris, the membrane widths are rolled out and held in place with Gripfix, a super-strength loop and belt system which keeps the membrane where it needs to be during installation and throughout the lifetime of the roof. The membrane widths overlap and once the tape is removed, the self-sealing edge forms an impermeable seam. The installer then rolls over the seam to seal the edge. There are no naked flames or adhesives to handle. Installation is quick, odourless and noise-free.

Rhepanol can only be installed by trained and licensed installers as part of the Design & Technology Accredited Contractors’ Scheme (DATAC). Rhepanol is backed by Professional Indemnity Insurance and full system guarantees.

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