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Evolution and Smart Pedestrian Swing Doors and Operators From Erreka


Erreka's ranges of European standard EN16005 compliant Evolution and Smart pedestrian swing doors are extremely robust making them suitable for many applications, particularly including private and public entrances for disabled people or establishments where there are high traffic flows and limited space. Extremely airtight, highly energy efficient and virtually silent in operation, they can be used both inside and outside as double or single doors and their design allows them to be integrated into any environment. They have the same stylish outer housing and there is a wide and varied range of accessories designed to make the safety of the user a priority.

The associated Evolution and Smart electromechanical operators are designed to cater for the automation of both already-existing hinged doors and new installations of doors in restricted spaces. They have a wide range of functions which enable their operation to be customised to the needs of each client's installation. In addition to the usual “Push & Go”, exit only functions, there are others such as a courtesy function for the disabled and an automatic increase in the opening and closing force when it is windy. There is also the option of increasing the standby time when there is a high traffic flow or simply deactivating the automatic operation and using the door manually when required.

The Evolution B3 electromechanical operator has motor opening and closure, whilst the B1 has motor opening and spring closure. Where the spring is not strong enough to close the door due to the wind or door misalignment, the motor can be operated to help the spring. There is one version of the SMART system, the B1 which is a electromechanical operator with motor opening and spring closure.

Installation of the Evolution and Smart operators is simple, with two installation methods: articulated arm (opening away from the operator) and rigid arm (opening towards the operator). For double swing doors the connection between the two operators is by means of a purpose designed cable that synchronises the “master-slave” system.

For more information, contact Erreka in the UK at Kings House,Home Park Estate,Station Rd., Kings Langley, hertfordshire WD4 8LZ. Tel +44 3302 211020 email



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