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In keeping with the complete Erreka sliding door range, the Ertrain 3 sliding door operator features components of the highest standards and is designed for use in applications where there is heavy traffic including offices, supermarkets, hotels and hospitals. The modular design of the operator is an important feature together with its silent opening and closing operation, safety features, dynamic stability and ease of installation.

The Ertrain 3 can be adapted to automate entrances with different frames and configurations and can be supplied in 1450mm, 1850mm  and 3200 mm lengths for use with profiles up to 50mm width. Each Ertrian 3 operator  is factory tested for at least 20 minutes  in order to guarantee the highest levels of quality and reliability. Manufacturing is in compliance with European Standard EN16005 for user safety.  Separate  electronic systems are incorporated to avoid trapping and to ensure the correct working of all sensors.  Batteries are also monitored to ensure that operation can continue in case of  power supply failure cut or any emergency input. There are two rolling tracks to avoid derailing in the event of impact.

The design of Ertrain 3 makes commissioning and installation fast and easy whilst its simplicity in design also makes maintenance straight forward. Ertrain 3  can be operated with three different control devices including digital selector, key selector and remote control. It can be connected to a PC for centralised door control and programming.


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