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Gessi UK

Year 2017. Gessi presents a revolutionary new chapter in its research on design and wellbeing, an archetype that expresses balance and produces energy. It springs from the encounter among the study that Gessi historically conducts on a holistic concept of “good life”, the design of Maurizio Scutellà and the analysis on spirit of the artist and life master Marsel Lesko.

The graphic sign of Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà captures in a perfect correlation of curves and reverse curves, the essence of harmony and strength of balanced stones, translating the natural sculpture into a furnishing and functional archetype.

The touch of the object in its daily use conveys the energy that its shapes in a balance state contain; the natural vitality of water, which flows from them as from a spring, provides wellbeing.

In order not to dissipate it, energy is concentrated in a single piece of iconic value.

It is said that some objects and not others ‘call us’; in other words they exert over us a special attraction, the result of the resonance of energy that we have with them. Wood, stone, metals, the elements in balance of each composition can be freely chosen and combined so that everyone can find “their own personal balance”.

Everyone is enraptured by the natural beauty of stones and how they are “perfect” in their own, even though they are so different from one another, each with their own signs due to the action of natural elements. Nature itself, the world’s greatest designer, has found the secret of perfection in diversity. The harmony stones emanate lead to a design that could bring their fascination into a daily use object.

Wood is a natural, living material, warm and pleasing to the eye and touch, which fits into any space and style, traditional or modern, always creating a special atmosphere. Though cut in the same identical shape, each authentic natural wood and stone handle is one exclusive piece: the color, the nervures, the texture are obviously unique.

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