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The Duplexvent Multi offers attractive and practical styling, designed for ease of installation, plus up to 93% heat recovery efficiency thanks to the latest counter flow heat exchanger technology, which will significantly reduce heating bills. While further benefits include low specific fan power (SFP) of 0.33 W/m3/h, air leakage of less than 3% and automatic bypass, air circulation and frost protection facilities, the unit also incorporates exceptional casing insulation (30mm) to avoid any thermal bridging and achieve extremely low noise levels.

Available in 72 different mounting versions, the Multi DV500 can be 100% customised, allowing various positioning (vertical, horizontal or ceiling mounted) and bespoke configuration to suit your applications. This means specifiers can configure spigot connections, filters, dampers, built-in heating and cooling options to deliver the required performance.

Extra benefits include low energy, low noise EC fans, internet connection with smart phone application control, BMS connection (ModBus, KNX, BACnet), automatic frost protection, built-in heating/cooling coils, air circulation and bypass facilities.

The unit can be controlled via Internet thanks to the Duplexvent Control System, which can link into the building management system as well as be controlled from various mobile devices. This real time monitoring ensures that changing conditions are identified and responded to, curtailing the regularity of servicing and running costs.

In addition, thanks to the innovative EC fan technology all of the Multi units are compliant with the Energy Related Products Directive (ErP) 2013/2015 and qualify as part of a building’s BREEAM assessment, giving significant advantages to specifiers and architects who wish to incorporate MVHR into their designs.

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