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Glass Aftercare


The specification of glass for commercial and residential applications has to fulfil many different demands from environmental and energy efficiency needs to aesthetic, practical and budgetary considerations. Proposed projects therefore require careful planning and execution so Glass Aftercare offers not only an outstanding range of creative solutions that maximise the potential of glass, but also solutions that harness the company's unrivalled experience in design, manufacture, installation and management of the whole process.

Glass Aftercare understands the potential of glass as a creative medium and how it can be integrated with traditional materials such a stone and metal to produce dazzling effects. For example, Glass Aftercare sources, specifies and works with stone manufacturers to give building designers access to solutions using natural stone such as specially created rainscreen systems for facades.

When it comes to metals, Glass Aftercare has worked on countless major projects that integrate glass with materials such as bronze or specially designed aluminium panels used in over cladding projects. The characteristics and ranges of metals is extremely wide in terms of thicknesses and finishes and gauges. Heavy weight and over sized components are continually in demand and Glass Aftercare regularly project manages the complete process from the design stage through to installation of glass units that can weigh over half a tonne.

Glass Aftercare takes all these factors into consideration when developing customised creative glass solutions, ensuring that integrators and installers are an integral part of the process. This ensures that the end result truly refelects the original brief of the client - with no sacrifice to practical safety and installation considerations.



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