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Key features

  • Available in either 1.2m or 1.8m heights
  • Expands to a maximum length of 2100mm
  • Fully retractable to 400mm for ease of storage
  • Eight wheels per barrier for stable base
  • Can easily be manoeuvred when titled on front or rear wheels
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Robust aluminium build quality
  • Lockable wheel covers

We are extremely proud to introduce a new retractable pedestrian barrier product to the market place, the Centipede Barrier. Now one of the most cost efficient retractable barrier solutions on the market.

Manufactured to your colour of choice, this eye-catching design really stands out from the norm. The Centipede barrier adds a professional yet interesting addition, for crowd control and area cordoning requirements.

Used for both indoor to outdoor locations, the segmented retractable body allows fast, effortless, repositioning with simple easy storage capabilities, folding comfortably to a neat 400mm width from an expand of up to 2100mm per barrier.

Deriving of its name sake the Centipede, the angular radial design is streamline, innovative and symmetrical, it adds a modern touch to any event and looks both corporate and commercial.

The Centipede Barrier is extremely durably, made from aluminium it’s sturdy, robust and rust resistant, withstanding all-weather types to be a permanent fixture or a temporary solution. Unlike some rival products, the centipede barrier is manufactured with rubber wheels to avoid scrapes and scratches on internal floors.

As mentioned, the colours of the Centipede Barriers are completely customisable, powder coated and able to match with any RAL colour chart provided. Our colours currently held in stock are YELLOW, RED, BLACK and GREY, all ready to be deployed today.


There are two height options, with plenty of width flexibility thanks to the expanding design of the barrier.

At a glance:

  1.2 m 1.8 m
Expanded: 2100 mm 2100 mm
Closed: 400 mm 400 mm
Height: 1200 mm 1800 mm
Width: 600 mm 600 mm
Weight: 24.5 kg 33.8 kg





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