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Cementi Click

Tarkett Ltd
With Cementi Click, Tarkett introduces a new category of mineral flooring tiles made of authentic cement 
Tarkett presents a new innovation by introducing a new category of premium mineral tiles and planks for architectural spaces - Cementi Click. Produced from 95% clay, cement’s main composite, Cementi Click boasts the look and feel of this raw modern material, thus embodying the timeless elegance of concrete art in architecture. 
The collection features a range of stone and graphical designs. Subtle marble, ethereal decors, and natural clay tone effects create a pure and refined architectural atmosphere for designers and architects looking to create inspirational spaces from mineral textures. Easy and quick to install, resistant, Cementi Click also meets the increasingly demanding needs of the industry to save time when renovating. Cementi click provides the ideal solution for store, restaurant and hotel owners alike. 
Made from mineral material composed of 95% clay, the collection includes a timeless and elegant choice of concrete, stone, wood and graphical elements. The overlapping hues and rugged patterns of the clay bring character and authenticity, whilst the matt surface and natural tones give the product that look and feel so typical of ceramic tiles. 4 concrete shades, available in warm and cool grey, 4 stone, 5 wood designs and 10 graphical decors can be mixed and matched, leaving architects free to create innovative and unique flooring layouts. 
Cementi Click uses a click system technology to ensure quick and easy installation and removal. Ready for immediate use, Cementi Click requires no gluing, drying, and can be installed over all substrates including ceramics, without having to prepare the floor in advance. This drastically reduces downtime and costs for stores, shops and hotels. Cementi Click has the look and feel of a ceramic floor, but the added advantages of the click system provide the optimal solution for those looking to combine design and raw material with easy installation. 
Retail, restaurants and hotels welcome daily influxes of customers and deliveries. Highly resistant to temperature and humidity variation, Cementi Click is ideal for winter gardens and store fronts and does not require expansion gaps for large surface installations. It is also specially conceived for high traffic areas, and thus resists scratches, scuffs, indentations and abrasions caused by daily wear and tear. Cementi Click is resistant to water ingress, a liquid sealant solution ensures 100% water-tightness installation. Furthermore, innovative PUR surface treatment allows for a chemical-free maintenance, thus using little water over its lifespan.
Cementi Click has been designed for life: 
- Naturally phthalate-free and with total volatile organic compounds emissions below 10 µg/m3 (100 times below European standards), this flooring is ideal for creating healthy interiors that also contribute to good indoor air quality.
- Made of 95% natural mineral elements, including materials abundant in nature, and produced with 100% of renewable energy and no water, Cementi Click respects earth’s natural capital. 
Cementi Click has been designed for closed loop recycling: 
- Eligible for Tarkett’s Restart® program, Cementi Click can be collected after use and sent back to the manufacturing site to be re-engineered as a new product.
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