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CAM Units - Zone Air Handling Units

AET Flexible Space

The Conditioned Air Module (CAM) unit is a modular zonal air handling unit which takes in air from the floor void and returns it to the space fully treated and conditioned.  It’s compact design allows it to be located free standing within the working environment, or placed within cupboard space, corridors or in a small plant room.

CAM Features

  • Compact, free standing design

  • Silent vibration free operation

  • One unit serves a zone of up to 300 sq m

  • Cooling capacities from 5kW to 33kW

  • Airflow from 4000 m3/h to 9500

  • EU5 class filters as standard

  • 3 row coil as standard

  • AC / EC Fan options

  • DX coil option

  • Optional 1 row coil for hot water supply

  • Optional 2 stage electric heater

  • Optional humidity control

  • Communication via Flexmatic display

  • Network configuration via Flexgateway

  • Easy access for maintenance

  • 6 baseframe designs to suit air distribution layout (CAM-C)

With the Flexible Space System, the building is divided up into several zones per floor, divided into supply and return channels using air segregation baffle. Each CAM unit serves one zone, of between 100 – 300 m², and the conditioned air is distributed to the workspace via the low pressure plenum and into the space using fan terminal units.

CAM-C sizes: CAM C-15 | CAM C-25 | CAM C-35

The CAM-C downflow unit is configured for underfloor supply and underfloor return air.  A highly flexible option allowing total elimination of ceiling based duct work, enabling reduced slab to slab height, enhanced ventilation and comfort.

CAM-V sizes:  CAM-V11 | CAM-V22 | CAM-V33 | CAM-V44

The CAM-V downflow unit is configured for underfloor supply air and ceiling or high level return.  This allows the return air to be drawn out through the false ceiling with no requirement for underfloor baffle, allowing use of the larger surface of floor slab to distribute the supply air, increasing the effect of thermal mass storage


CAM-C baseframe options are available to divide supply and return air channels and to accommodate different airflow patterns for any architectural or building design layout need.

The CAM-V baseframe is located within the raised floor, and has no provision for direct connection to ducting or piping. Piping is assumed to be routed through the front opening of the baseframe.

Power, Controls and Communications:

Each CAM is supplied with a complete internal wiring loom connecting all fitted electrical elements. A gland is provided for the incoming power and control wiring.  A factory-wired terminal board is isolated from the airflow, and includes an internal isolator for the complete isolation of the unit during maintenance.

Supply and return sensors are supplied with the units along with a length of two core control cable. Automatic control of the unit is enabled via the Flexface board. Visualisation of the controls is through a Flexmatic display unit providing easy access to set point adjustment and other functions.

Hard-wired connections for remote starting/stopping plus common alarm signals are standard features of all CAM’s, but comprehensive communication with most Building Management Systems (BMS) can be achieved using a Flexgateway module.