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Shackerley is an independently-owned, British manufacturer, prefabricator and distributor with a rich industrial heritage. We have served the architectural and construction industries for over 50 years.

Like all Shackerley’s market-leading systems, SureClad® BrickClad ventilated façades are supplied to site as complete, tested systems, ready to install.

BrickClad® façades combine a contemporary, streamlined aesthetic, free from all visible fixings, with the timeless appeal, natural beauty and warmth of traditional brick.

Shackerley offers a wide range of SureClad® primary support brackets that cater for differences in planarity across the design zone. They also allow the air space behind the façade panels to be varied to suit the building design and to accommodate thermal and acoustic insulation of the required thickness. Their thermal isolation pads minimise heat loss due to thermal bridging.

Shackerey’s range of primary support brackets and vertical rail profiles is universally specified for applications across our extensive portfolio of façade coverings. These varied façade options include ceramic granites, engineered and quarried stones and traditional terracotta façades. Compatibility across our systems allows specifiers to combine several façade coverings on an elevation.

All prefabrication work is carried out off-site under ISO 9001 accredited quality controlled conditions at our Lancashire based factories.


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