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IG Masonry Support

B.O.S.S.+ is a innovative lightweight Brick Slip Soffit System, with the added security of mechanically fixed brick slips. An extension of the Brick On Soffit System (B.O.S.S.), this BBA certified unit is suitable for use on residential buildings over 18m above ground level and complies with the Building Regulations 2010* Approved Document B:Fire Safety.

*Location dependent for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This patent pending system comprises a stainless steel framework to which brick slips are adhesively bonded and mechanically fixed. During our strict quality controlled manufacturing process, the adhesive surrounds the steel creating a reinforced sandwich due to the addition of a cement particle board backing element.

Patent Pending: GB1910870.3 & GB1913072.3e

Key Benefits of IG B.O.S.S.+


  • Mechanically fixed Brick Slips
  • ‘A’ Fire Rated
  • Suitable for all building heights & purposes
  • Complies with Building Regulations 2010 Approved Document B: Fire Safety
  • Simplicity of installation
  • Various brick patterns and soffit sizes available


Revolutionary System

Achieving deep brick soffits and intricate brick patterns around window heads and openings, on buildings of any height and any purpose – all down to B.O.S.S. +, a lightweight brick slip soffit system developed by IG Masonry Support.

Image 1 above shows a section through B.O.S.S.+ detailing the robust mechanical fix solution. Each individual brick is held in place with a mechanical fix.


Image 2 above shows a section through B.O.S.S.+ and angle showing the fixing detail. A spring nut is inserted into the channel. A bolt is then passed through a slot in the support angle and screws into the spring nut.


Once the bolt is torqued to the advised torque setting, the bolt head and washer are the only visible fixings on the angle. No grinding of excess fixings or bolts is required. Simply lay a pistol brick on a bed of mortar onto the angle to cover the fixings (See image 3.)

Time Saving Onsite

B.O.S.S.+ offers 90% time saving onsite and negates the need for mechanical lifting. Alternative systems for suspending brick from the underside of masonry support require bricks to be predrilled and hung from rods. This can be a timely and labour intensive installation. Other methods that use heavy precast concrete units, suspended from above, require mechanical lifting. B.O.S.S.+ is fixed to a pre-installed masonry support system. It is a two part system, increasing the adjustment across all three planes. IG Masonry Support receives a consignment of the brick being used onsite to ensure that the finished B.O.S.S.+ unit blends seamlessly with the surrounding brickwork.


The system offers adjustment on all three planes. The masonry support shelf features a slotted hole, giving adjustability along the Z axis. Further adjustment on the Z axis is attained by shimming behind the masonry support bracket. The integrated channel within the B.O.S.S.+ unit allows for increased adjustment on the X axis. Adjustability on the Y axis is created within the masonry support bracket, and the ability to insert shims between the shelf and the bolt up system.

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