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Opposites attract

Introducing magnetic, real wood flooring for raised access floor installations. The beauty of an Attiro floor isn’t only in its looks, but in its elegant design.

  • Style and function uncompromised.
  • Magnetically beautiful.
  • Reassuringly practical.

Attiro uses a magnetic base to secure to the steel encapsulated raised floor panels, it makes accessing underfloor voids effortless.

Why architects recommend Attiro:

No compromises
Attiro has all the beauty of engineered oak and all the ease of access flooring. Moving on from the conventional bonded square systems of the past, with Attiro you never have to compromise on style or function again.

Efficient installation
Attiro can be installed at fit-out stage, prior to testing and commissioning to reduce waste and lead times during construction.

It works hand-in-hand with Kingspan’s steel encapsulated raised access floor panels.  

Quicker access to underfloor services
Simply lift the magnetic, European oak-veneered Attiro to access and reveal the raised floor panels and void underneath. In comparison to inaccessible tongue and grove wood flooring, using the Attiro lifting device you can simply lift up any part of the floor within seconds.

Ready to walk on instantly 
We deliver and install Attiro to the site pre-finished, so you can walk on it as soon as it’s laid. And thanks to its pioneering magnetic base, it’s quick and easy to remove if you ever needed to repair or replace an individual stave.

A lesson in versatility

Attiro comes in a range of shades to suit any taste and interior – from deep, rich grains to crisp, clean whites. You can choose from three finishes: brushed, saw mill and rustic hand scraped.

Various layout options are available, including staggered joint layout, herringbone, border and diagonal running bond.

A standard Attiro installation features random staggered joints using various lengths of Attiro.

Bespoke column borders and skirting’s can also be crafted.

Finishes and Oil

Available in a range of shades to suit any taste and interior. Brushed finish as standard with alternative sawmill and rustic hand scraped finishes. Applied with protective layers of Osmo Polyx-Oil.


  • Standard width: 160, 180, & 200mm.
  • Lengths varying from 1200mm – 2200mm.
  • All Attiro is 16.5mm in depth.

Selected by hand and at random to ensure a premium mixture of timber to assist the natural look layout.

Italian craftsmanship meets British innovation

Quality, luxury, prestige: the hallmarks of Italian craftsmanship. We’ve taken these time-honoured traditions and fused them with ground breaking British engineering to create something new & inspirational.

Attiro is the result of impeccable attention to detail. Everything that goes into its creation is carefully hand-picked. From the prime grade European sustainable lumber we source to the master craftsmen who perfect it.  

Engineered by Kingspan

Kingspan is the world’s largest supplier of raised access flooring

Our UK factory produces over 170,000 raised access floor panels a week. We can supply and install these for a range of premises across the globe. From offices, data centres and retail stores, to schools, universities, leisure facilities and restaurants.  

Backed by in-house product testing and accredited with ISO 9001:2008, our processes guarantee world-class quality. 


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