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All types of construction, industrial and entertainment projects can benefit from acoustic barriers. These enhance health and safety by protecting staff, visitors and the public from the intrusive and distracting effects of sound transfer.

The premise of an acoustic barrier is a simple one: to absorb and limit the transfer of intrusive sounds reducing noise pollution and the potential for physical harm through noise intrusion, and accidents through sound distraction and disturbance.

Our Echo Acoustic Barriers are lab tested and industry endorsed offer significant rates of noise reduction and sound absorption (see individual product specifications).

Particular design features, which make Echo the go-to barriers for sound control, include:

  • Lightweight material – allowing easy, one person installation and efficient relocation around sites and locations as work progresses.
  • Easy-hang fittings – compatible with Heras fencing.
  • Durable weatherproof construction – for maximum efficiency whatever the weather. The Class 5 PVC cover delivers 5-year UV resistance for warm weather deployment, whilst providing assurance of 100% waterproof finish on both sides of the barrier during wet weather.
  • Full testing, demonstrating compliance with the following standards:
    • Water resistant: BSEN 60529:1992 IPX9
    • Fire resistant: BS 7837-1996
    • Cold resistant: BSEN 60068/2/1:2007

Each acoustic barrier is hand finished to ensure it fits right in or stands right out, whether requirements are for high visibility or unintrusive presence. Barriers may be fully customisable to carry specific logos and colours so that company and safety messages are enhanced without compromise of purpose.

With an approximate lifespan of between two and five years, or even more depending on use, Echo barriers can last over five times longer than standard acoustic products.

This combination of extended lifespan and highly durable, easy hang design means our acoustic barriers offer potential for use, and then re-use, across all kinds of sites where noise transfer may be an issue. For example, our acoustic barriers can be installed to dampen:

  • Construction site noise in urban areas.
  • Intrusive sound from scaffolding sites, travel and transport sites.
  • Noise from outdoor entertainment, such as live festivals, concerts, races and track events, to reduce residential and environmental impact of noise.

The reduced environmental impact of the barriers isn’t limited to their efficiency in reducing noise pollution, but also in their environmentally-friendly design and construction which includes around 70% recycled components.


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