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ACO TotalFlow Gully

ACO Building Drainage

ACO Building Drainage TotalFlow Gully (TFG) systems guarantee performance and quality by taking full advantage of the continued investment in the latest technologies in our manufacturing plants, enabling ACO to create modern designs from materials traditionally used for floor drain products.

Significant system advantages:

  1. Simple design, only 2 parts make up the whole gully
  2. Integrated design gully body comes complete with Foul Air Trap (FAT) and sealing/seeping ring
  3. Easy selection separate gully bodies for waterproofing membrane applications  Modern manufacturing process leads to compact and lighter products
  4. Ease of installation by push fit connection between the gully top and the gully body  Efficient cleaning as FAT is easy to remove
  5. Tested and classified to BS EN 1253  Push fit gully tops for fast assembly on-site
  6. Wide choice in gully tops complete with gratings, in different materials to suit extensive range of applications  Dedicated gully bodies with bonding and clamping flanges, easy selection and more suited to the requirements for waterproofing applications

Optional benefits:

  1. Easy installation with fit-in kit enabling fast mortar-free installation
  2. In ring design ensuring drainage in combination with waterproofing membranes
  3. Odour and smoke protection
  4. Fire protection

The ACO TotalFlow Gully is manufactured from the more traditional materials, like cast iron and nickel-bronze, those are non-flammable, robust and durable. The ACO TFG system has been designed to complement the range of High Performance Products ACO offers for specialist applications.

Cast Iron, Nickel Bronze and Stainless Steel contributes to a sustainable environment and are 100 % recyclable if products are ever removed or come to the end of their working life.

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