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ACO Stainless Steel Gully

ACO Building Drainage

ACO Building Drainage Stainless Steel Gully Systems guarantee performance and quality by taking full advantage of the significant investment in our state-of-the art manufacturing plants (which include deep drawing and automated robotic welding) and represent the accumulation of many years practical experience in stainless steel fabrication technologies and drainage design know-how.

A wide range of products present the designer and installer with literally hundreds of ‘off the shelf’ product combinations to meet every conceivable need or application. ACO gully systems fall into four main categories:

  1. Fixed height and telescopic gullies
  2. Rodding eyes
  3. Micro floor gullies
  4. Engineered solutions

Significant system advantages include:

  1. Fully tested and classified to BS EN 1253 –Gullies for Buildings
  2. Designed with stringent hygiene standards in mind
  3. Fully pickle passivated
  4. Extensive range covering all practical applications and for use with all floor finishes and vehicular traffic
  5. Smooth bowl shaped structures to minimise possible siltation
  6. High capacity flow rates available through integral removable foul air traps
  7. Unique optional grating security locks
  8. Wide grating choice

Should you find that our standard product offering does not meet your application requirements our Design Services Team can carry out design work on your behalf and provide you with custom made engineered solutions including tundishes, additional inlets, extended bodies or spigots and non-standard outlet sizes.

All ACO gully products are manufactured in corrosion resistant 304 or 316 grade austenitic stainless steel that is fully pickle passivated to remove embedded iron and chromium-depleted weld zones.  The enhanced corrosion resistance and extreme durability of fully pickle passivated stainless steel make the material suitable for many applications demanding a reliable, long-life performance.

Manufactured from a minimum 70% recycled materials, stainless steel contributes to a sustainable environment. Additionally stainless steel is 100% recyclable if products are ever removed or come to the end of their working life.

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