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The ACO Building Drainage name is synonymous with the highest standards in product design, range diversity and function for industrial, commercial and architectural drainage products manufactured in stainless steel.

As part of a growing range of engineered drainage solutions, ACO PIPE® presents a wide range of socketed waste pipework systems in thin-wall stainless steel for above and below ground drainage applications.

ACO PIPE® is reliable, lightweight and durable push-fit pipework system, designed, produced and tested for soil, waste, rainwater and industrial wastewater drainage applications.

ACO PIPE® stainless steel socketed pipe systems provide the modern metal alternative to PVC-u and cast iron soil and waste pipework.

ogether with the other products of ACO Group it creates a perfect system and offers a sustainable drainage solution with unique advantages to the customers. Especially with the ACO gully and ACO stainless steel channel systems provide a unique system for building drainage. The push-fit system ensures quick and easy assembly for a reliable installation for gravity and vacuum drainage.

All ACO PIPE® interconnecting seals and fittings incorporate a unique double sealing system providing a trouble-free, reliable sealing system – every time.

The wide range of fittings available utilises advanced cold forming techniques, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost and minimizing the amount of welded components, to provide the ultimate in system reliability.

More than 1,500 different types are available (straight pipes, bends, branches, diameter increasers and reducer’s) together with a wide range of accessories this creates a complex and complete system for pipework construction – the ACO PIPE® system.

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