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Access Control

Relcross Ltd
Access control systems, whether electronic or purely mechanical, cannot be used successfully in isolation. A successful installation is dependent upon the inclusion and maintenance of reliable and compatible door hardware products and adequate training of those managing and using the system. Relcross understands these requirements and has added a quality range of access control solutions to its already established and proven product portfolio.
Electric locking devices such as electric strikes and electromagnetic locks, coupled with central processing units (CPUs) have been around now for well over twenty five years and during that time these innovations have broadened the functions previously served by mechanical devices. Security, safety and practicality are features now available within individual systems. It is possible to control the status of any number of doors either individually or collectively in groups. Locking and unlocking can be achieved via any number of different switching methods including cards, codes, and keys or automatically via a CPU. Sites can be controlled remotely.
Programmed functions can be initiated in response to specific events such as alarmed emergency situations. Instantaneous or delayed locking/unlocking features can be introduced… the list is endless.
Security - A Common Misconception
The degree of security achieved through access control is dependent to some extent upon the sophistication of the ‘system’ but when applied to door control the ultimate measure of security is the quality and type of lock used in conjunction with the integrity of the door and frame. It is a pointless exercise to invest thousands of pounds in an access control system if the primary reason for controlling access is security - and the physical barrier, i.e. the door, is left susceptible to attack.With this in mind, it is crucial to identify the users’ needs and expectations before specifying a complete system. All too often the specification of the access control part of the solution is done separately from that of the door hardware.
At Relcross, since we have an inclusive range of products, we can advise and make recommendations for the entire system.
Compatibility from a Complete Package
Hardware products selected for a particular door are very often selected from different sources. This is a perfectly acceptable practice provided it is remembered that, where any two items have to work together, they must be compatible. If they are not, the system will be very likely to fail and the problem of having to establish supplier responsibility will be immense. Relcross offers a complete range of compatible hardware items from which a properly matched successful security package can be selected with total confidence.
Performance, Strength & Versatility
The Relcross range of access control hardware has been chosen not just because it will outlast and outperform anything available on the market but also because it can be used successfully with other building management systems.
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