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1171 Kebony Character 34x145 mm pier decking

Kebony Wood

Kebony is beautiful wood recommended by leading architects. It is sustainable, durable and requires no maintenance beyond normal cleaning. Kebony’s performance has been proven in a variety of applications including decking and cladding.


The patented Kebony® technology gives a unique wood product with outstanding durability and an exclusive appearance containing knots.

Kebony character products can be cross cut to length as untreated woods but exposed end grain should be treated with a wood preserver. They should not be further machined as untreated heartwood will appear.

Heartwood content will vary. The given data in the product datasheet represent Kebony character with a heartwood content of approximately 50%.

The Kebony® technology gives a deep rich brown colour. After exposure to sun and rain the wood develops a natural silver-gray patina.

Benefits of Kebony:

  • REAL WOOD – real wood with enhanced cell structure
  • REFINED & BEAUTIFUL - develops a natural patina after exposure to sun and rain
  • MAXIMUM HARDNESS - hardness level increased to levels of the best hardwood
  • OUTSTANDING STABILITY - swelling and shrinkage reduced by 40-60%
  • GUARANTEED LONG LIFE - outdoor life time warranty for 30 years  
  • LOW MAINTENANCE – no additional treatment needed beyond normal cleaning
  • HIGH RESISTANCE - against fungi, rot and other wood destroying microorganisms
  • SAFE & TOXIN-FREE – no toxins or harmful impregnation substances
  • ECO-FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY – bio-based liquid used for Kebony technology
  • SUSTAINABLE SOURCES – raw material only from sustainably managed forests, all suppliers hold certificates


Many dimensions available - more info on
Dark brown, naturally developing a silver-grey patina when used externally
Smooth surface, knotty and nordic appearance
Special features
Performs like tropical hardwood
Decking or Marina
1 - 2
20 - 30