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VMZINC® has been manufacturing a wide range of rolled zinc products used primarily for building envelopes since 1837.
In addition to batten cap and standing seam roof systems, products include rainwater systems, a wide range of cladding systems, including a number of rainscreen facade products. Since its creation the company has also produced decorative roofing products such as dormers, bull’s eyes, weather vanes, finials and balustrades

With over 100,000 tons of rolled zinc products sold world-wide every year, VMZINC is the world leader in zinc and is particularly well established in European, American and Asian markets.

There are many reasons for choosing VMZINC® for your roofing and facade projects. Zinc is naturally resistant to corrosion, is extremely durable and does not require costly maintenance. In addition, the flexibility, malleability and versatility of zinc, combined with its pleasing appearance, make it the material of choice for imaginative building projects from individual homes to commercial complexes, public buildings and private projects.
Surface Finishes
Natural VMZINC has a shiny metallic appearance when new and develops a patina over time. In facade applications, it may take 10 years for the matt grey patina to form. It can be quickly soldered without removing the patina. 

QUARTZ-ZINC offers an appearance and texture that does not change over time. When QUARTZ-ZINC is scratched, it will self heal. The grey tones of QUARTZ-ZINC blend well with existing construction materials – ideal for refurbishment 
ANTHRA-ZINC with its visible grain matches the colour of slate and blends well in combination with photovoltaic panels. Due to the dark aspect of the material salt stains are possible in coastal environments especially on non-rinsed (rain water) surfaces. 

AZENGAR is the surface finish from VMZINC which is the first engraved zinc giving a product with a matt, heterogeneous and light aspect. AZENGAR can be used in the same fashion as other VMZIN C products for both roofs and facades. 
PIGMENTO finishes offer a unique range of colours (Blue, Green, Brown, Red and Grey) that enhances any building. This natural product enables the texture of the QUARTZ-ZINC to still be seen whilst offering the designer the choice of colour to complement other elements of a facade or roof.
The colouration of the zinc is achieved with a special pigment layer that enhances the qualities of the zinc without presenting a block colour. This product is tested to EN13523-10/2010 and EN 15523-3/2001.
PIGMENTO, available in five standard colours, provides an increased resilience, however in a severe non-rinsed marine environment (1km from the sea), staining is still possible and therefore the material should not be used in this application.


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