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Thermo Products Ltd

At Thermo Products Ltd we pride ourselves on producing the Thermotube tubular heaters and Thermoguard tubular heater guards, a range of high quality heating products that offer versatile heating solutions. Our product development program strives to improve the quality of our products as well as ensuring reliability and value for money.

Our Thermotube tubular heaters offer the ideal heating solution for applications that require low cost, steady background heat, designed with safety in mind, Thermotube tubular heaters are a versatile heating product used as a heat source or frost protection and to prevent condensation. They can also be used to supplement existing domestic or commercial heating systems, offering an economical source of additional heat. All our Thermotube tubular heaters are IP54 rated. We produce Thermotubes from 1ft to 6ft, at 60W per foot.

Our range of Thermoguard tubular heater guards offer peace of mind. Offering protection against the tubular heater surface, they are ideal to use in environments in where the very young or elderly are likely to be left unsupervised or where pets have access. We produce guards to suit all size Thermotube tubular heaters ranging from 1ft - 6ft and the range includes single as well as double guards to allow for banks of heaters to be covered.


  • Allen House
  • Edinburgh Way
  • Harlow
  • CM20 2HJ
  • 01279 426 832
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