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Newfloor SRL

Newfloor SRL

NEWFLOOR Raised Floors
Since 1986 we produce the best access flooring solutions Made in Italy.

NEWFLOOR company has been founded in the 80’s by the owner Mr Umberto Matterazzo following to him ten-year own experience in the raised floor field. Since the beginning of its working activities, NEWFLOOR was the partner of important national brands specializing, during the last 90’s, in the manufacturing of hard stones in particular ceramic tiles. Thanks to this specific experience, NEWFLOOR since 2003 started to commercialize its products promoting them into the national and international markets with its own Brand capturing the attention of architects and interior designers looking for prestigious and customized products with different sizes and capable to satisfy the technical and aesthetical customer’s demand. NEWFLOOR’s production capacity changed from 50.000 sqm to more than 300.000 sqm per year. NEWFLOOR continued its carrier studing new products especially patenting the new dry loose-lay ceramic system called FREEFLOOR reaching the retail sector too.

One element in particular that sets Newfloor apart from other manufacturers of raised access flooring is the constant presence and supervision of the whole production process by the company’s owner himself, Mr. Matterazzo. Through his regular daily presence in the production departments, product quality is subjected to constant, thorough analysis – a level of control that only the owner of the business can assure. His lengthy experience in this field, combined with his passion, are based on the belief and conviction that a product’s quality should not be limited uniquely on the materials but by the care and the knowledge and expertise of how the materials are manufactured.

Working to extremely strict dimensional tolerances and employing painstaking attention to detail at every stage enables Newfloor to produce a level of product quality which has previously not been possible. In turn, the customer can enjoy peace of mind that they have invested in a product which is unrivalled both technically and aesthetically, and which will perform and please for many years to come. Newfloor prides itself on its international reputation as a market leader within its field, and continues to strive to develop and produce the floor systems of tomorrow, available today.


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