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Ferrari Architecture

Ferrari is a world leading manufacturer of coated composite fabrics. Our skills go from the spinning of the PES-yarns, to weaving, formulation and coating of the fabric. The highly sophisticated, patented Precontraint®-technology used in our production allows us to offer exclusive high-performance solutions to our clientele. Our membranes for Textile Architecture find their application in Lightweight Tensile Structures, Solar Protection, Façades and Interior Architecture. Ferrari has developed the Texyloop™ technology, which allows us to recycle our products to 100%. Our offices in Europe, USA, Latin America, Middle East and China, as well as our network of commercials, guarantee a close presence to our customers, in order to provide an effective co-operation, no matter where your project is.

Ferrari Architecture membranes adapt themselves to the specifier’s needs, giving unlimited solutions for cutting-edge designs. The freedom of unique shapes that can be created by using a membrane gives the designer the opportunity to put his own signature on each project, enriched by the large range of UV-stabilised colours, including metallic tones. And, as a result of the exclusive Precontraint®-Technology used during the production process, an outstanding dimensional stability is guaranteed, as well as a high longevity and resistance to various climatic conditions and environments. Ferrari membranes contribute actively to a better thermal insulation, and we are also able to provide LOW E membranes. Thanks to the Texyloop-Technology developed by Ferrari, it is now possible to recycle the membranes to 100% after their use.



  • BP 54 ZI
  • La Tour du Pin
  • Cedex
  • 38352
  • +33 474 83 5959