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Clipso Productions

Clipso is a French manufacturer of technical coverings (knitted polyester coated with PU), used as stretch ceilings and wall coverings and designs tensioning solutions. Clipso high technology coverings are ideal to cover spaces up to 5m wide, 50m long seamless.

Design or renovate every room in the shortest matter of time, from simple white ceilings to your own custom-made designs on walls and ceilings.


The building range is designed for every builder or anyone involved in the construction. Our coverings are ready to be installed, and can be delivered cut to measure or on rolls, up to 5,1 m wide net without joint, weld or seam.

• Standard coverings: ideal for classic ceilings for new build or renovation

• Acoustic coverings: ideal for large spaces, public places

• Coloured: ideal to design a room

• Anti bacterial: ideal for hospitals, clinics, kitchens, schools

• Water repellent: ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools

• Stainless: ideal for kitchens, play rooms

• Translucent: ideal to create unique ambiance by lighting up your ceiling


Select your own image, your company’s logo or just pick up one of our stunning designs and make your dream project become real! Any picture or design can be printed on our coverings up to 5m wide.


Adapted to printers up to 5m wide, our Print range is especially for printers and advertisers: print on the best eco-friendly support for all your communication needs.

• Standard printable

• Brilliant

• Translucent: Clipso provides 2 different diffusing coverings: 53% and 73% of light diffusion, better than every other PVC covering


Clipso designs its own and innovative tensioning systems: for every use, find the right profile. Check out our profile technical sheet for more information.


Clipso’s manufacturing process is improved to use the less energy possible; the installation does not require any heat or electrical tool: a simple Clipso spatula is enough to complete amazing designs. Moreover, installation is quick, dust free and odour free, allowing you to keep your business running or by avoiding disturbing any family or business life.


Thanks to its 250,000 micro perforations per sqm, Clipso’s acoustic range, combined with a proper acoustic insulation padding, will remove any undesirable harmonic and purify the sound.

Clipso is ideal and adapted to large spaces and public places: cinemas, restaurants, halls, swimming-pools…

Moreover, Clipso coverings are far more resistant than PVC ceiling: including recess spotlights, lights, fiber-optics, air conditioners, switches, sockets is disconcerting of easiness! Cut into the fabric, it won’t tear even when stretched.

When quality does matter, CLIPSO is your best partner - CLIPSO coverings are:

• Fire rated: new euroclass standard B-s1,d0, equivalent in the UK to Class ‘O’ Fire rated

• Marked with the CE norm

• Certified IMO (International Maritime Organization)

• Certified OEKO-TEX label (Confidence in textiles – eco-friendly label) Treated with Sanitized®

• CLIPSO is an ISO 9001 certified company



  • 5 Rue de l'Eglise Vieux-Thann France
  • +33 (0)3 89 37 10 84
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