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Baupanel Maferman

With over 30 years experience in 50 countries, Baupanel has proved to be an enduring and innovative building solution across the globe.

Description overview

Baupanel Maferman is a construction structural system based on a set of undulating expanded polystyrene panels with a concrete reinforcement on both sides consisting of high strength steel mesh and bars attached to one another by electrically welded steel connectors. 

These panels are installed on site at the project in accordance with the layout of walls, partitions and slabs and are fitted “in situ” by projected spray concrete.

The product has been used extensively in construction over the last 30 years in over 50 countries. Recent times have seen interest in the product grow as an efficient solution in infrastructure projects due to its quick construction and low cost whilst providing a number of key characteristics to the final structure. Recent infrastructure usages include the transport station of Palma (Spain) or the A7 tunnel in Marbella (Spain). 

The system has also been used in other heavy works. Current applications include: industrial buildings, an aerosol (Highly flammable) tank and over 10 electrical substations. We also have plans for the construction of an airport in Colombia and a Crossrail station in London.


The product is highly valuable to contractors because it allows faster construction, typically a 50% time reduction, at a lower cost. The construction method does not require cranes or other auxiliary big machinery which are difficult to work within restricted spaces. The reduction of heavy machinery together with a reduction of labourers and time, results in a reduction in the H&S risks onsite.

The Baupanel Maferman system is an extremely flexible and adaptable system that makes it suitable for all sort of architectural designs and shapes. Additionally, the final structure presents a number of desirable characteristics for civil projects such as resistance to fire and boom blast, sound proofing, load strength, space gain... It also allows for modifications during construction as well as during the life of the installation.


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