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Archtechnik are Architectural Engineers, market leaders in the design manufacture and installation of high quality, bespoke architectural metalwork. Based in the centre of the United Kingdom, Archtechnik undertakes prestigious projects throughout the U.K. and abroad, in all construction industry sectors, working in a wide variety of materials and finishes, our core products being, but not exclusively, balustrade, balconies, canopies and feature staircases.

Archtechnik's speciality is undertaking responsibility for the architectural metalwork package of a project, the whole job from start to finish, forming partnerships, achieving objectives, delivering projects on time, and to budget.

Working constantly with our customers, developing partnering and close co-operation combining our in-depth knowledge and expertise with the clients. With the aid of new technology's and modern manufacturing techniques we can offer our customers a high degree of innovation and flexibility in design, manufacture and installation, but at all times earning respect for our technical ability and common sense approach to solutions for customer needs. One of the latest inovation is ThermConX - unique thermally broken connector that attaches to the structural member through the insulated cavity to prevent both cold bridging and heat loss.

ThermConX details:

This invention allows the designer the continued freedom to attach items to the outside (or externally) of a the building envelope or structure, while at the same time securely fixing back these items to the building structure of frame work which is contained within the insulative envelope of the building, with out creating a cold bridge, in compliance with Part “L” of building regulations.

This unique invention:

Enables cold bridging and the associated problems to be designed out of the building, improving the living environment for the occupiers and reducing the carbon foot print of the building.

It is unique because it affords a structural load bearing connection to be made between 2 or more members, these members could be any material but are mostly likely to be metal, concrete or wood or any combination of these materials.

It affords the transmission of mechanical loading from one member to another, through the thermal connection with no loss of efficiency of loading.

Although the Thermally broke connection allows the efficient transmission of forces through the connection it does not allow the transmission of the thermal energy or sound waves or any type of electrical current.


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