Product Spotlight Plinths

The Product Spotlight showcases single samples of the latest and most innovative products to hit the market. The gallery is located on our lower ground floor, opposite our busy conference suite.

Products currently on display in the gallery are:

IG Brick Slip Masonry Support System by IG Ltd. IG’s Brick Slip Masonry Support Systems are one piece prefabricated units manufactured offsite and delivered complete with bricks bonded to them. This system offers a major reduction in on-site labour and installation time. All solutions are customised to your requirements.

Falling Star Wall/Ceiling Round by 299 Lighting. The common threads for the premium Falling Star collection designed by German designer Tobias Grau is a distinctive organic shape and tactility. The visually appealing optical lens allows an even and glare-free light distribution. The innovative LED technology features brilliant warm light suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

Liquid Colour Floor Tiles by Arnold Laver. Liquid Colour Floor tiles deliver a high-technology, dynamic floor tiling system, where the material within each tile actually moves as traffic passes across it. The pioneering manufacturing process means that the fluid actually creates individual patterns and effects that present a unique design that changes constantly. This unusual effect makes people feel as if they are almost ‘surfing’ on the floor

If you are a product manufacturer interested in featuring your products, please complete the form on the right or email