It is ever more important to build our cities in an efficient and enduring way. The walls and roofs of our buildings are key for regulating heat loss and ensuring energy resources can be used with optimum efficiency. The materiality of these essential building systems will help us to create greener, lighter buildings.

Trimo create advanced, sustainable architectural facade and roof systems that can be tailored for the specific needs of each project. The high-end technical and energy performance of the systems give buildings increased resilience – reducing the cycles of waste in the construction industry and standing the test of time. Their performance not only cuts building and maintenance costs by reducing the need for refurbishment, but also saves money on energy bills given their insulation properties.

We have partnered with Trimo to explore the practical implications and new possibilities of super materials. Discover the SuperMaterial event programme here

For more information on Trimo's services see the Home Arts Centre case study.