Night Time Is The Right Time  

Winners — 'Night Time Is The Right Time' Competition

Congratulations to our winner and runner-ups  for 'Night Time Is The Right Time' ideas competition.

WINNERS: myKanaal  is an app-based proposal by a team of designers at Farrells.

Inspired by successful international night markets, myKanaal would transform London’s waterways with a network of flexible and mobile boat markets operating around the clock. Towpaths which are traditionally intimidating at night become animated with flexible infrastructure to encourage late-night use.

The associated app offers a two-way platform that directs boat traders to available mooring spots and alerts Londoners to shops and services near them. It is a project that could be replicated nationwide making public spaces safer and giving city dwellers the flexibility they seek.

View myKanaal page here

RUNNER-UP: Uritrottoir by design firm Faltazi is a flowering compost urinal currently being trialled in Paris.

The eco-friendly system funnels waste into a closed box below filled with straw and sawdust. The system tackles the odour and creates compost that can be used in parks and gardens. The urinals are fitted with electronic monitoring sensors which alert a remote toilet attendant when they are full.

View Uritrottoir page here

RUNNER-UP: Musical Swings:An Exercise in Musical Cooperation is a playful interactive light and music installation by Daily tous les jours.

The swings play different notes depending on the position of participants and creates melodies when they are synchronised. At night, the back-lit swing seats put passers-by at the heart of an ongoing light and sound performance. The resulting giant human-powered musical instrument has become a symbol of Montréal’s entertainment district. 

View Musical Swings page here