Zoo p-p-p-picks up a Panel Systems solution for shop at Penguin Beach

ZSL’s London Zoo’s main gift shop next to its new exhibit ‘Penguin Beach’ has been extended to double its size and the extended area of the shop will benefit from the energy-saving properties of Dow Floormateä  insulation supplied by Panel Systems Ltd

It was important on this project that the floor insulation met all thermal performance requirements and that it could be supplied and fitted quickly to meet the tight build schedule, so the gift shop could open in time for the Summer season.

Architects Wharmby Kozdon specified Styrofoam Floormate 300-A grade floor insulation for the new shop that has a floor area of 500m2, which is suitable for medium to heavy foot traffic, as the shop attracts over 1m visitors per year.  Floormate, which is manufactured from Styrofoam extruded polystyrene, was selected for its high compressive strength, durability and its excellent thermal performance. 

Danny Phelan, Sales Manager of Panel Systems, explains: “Floormate was the perfect choice for use on this project, as it is available in a grade to suit light commercial areas and it met all the performance requirements.  It is also popular with contractors as it is safe and easy to handle and install on site.  We were able to deliver within a quick turnaround to ensure the contractor could complete this section of the shop to meet the client’s deadline.”

Floormate is available in a range of grades, which gives it the flexibility to be used as floor insulation for both new build, extensions or DIY home improvement projects. 

The client was confident about the performance of the product as Floormate has previously been specified for another of London Zoo’s buildings.

Installable above or below ground bearing concrete slabs, Floormate can also be suspended in beam and block or timber floors. The position of the insulation depends upon when the building will be heated.  When heating is intermittent, for example in homes, Floormate should be placed above concrete slabs, so that the building can heat up quickly.  In hospitals, schools and factories, Floormate should be placed below the slab so as to retain heat for long periods.

Floormate, which is available in 2500 x 600mm board sizes, is extremely easy to install and does not need any specialist skills or equipment. The grade recommended for most domestic installations is Floormate 300-A which is available in thicknesses from 50 – 150 mm allowing customers to achieve the relevant Building Regulations required ‘U’ values.

The range also includes Floormate 500-A & 700-A, which are denser grades for heavy load floor applications.  Also available in the range is Roofmate and Perimate, which are manufactured from Styrofoam and provide a complete insulation solution for roofs and basements where performance is guaranteed.

The ZSL London Zoo shop offers visitors a choice of gifts and mementos, the profits from which will help the registered charity ZSL continue its worldwide conservation work.

A spokesperson for ZSL London Zoo said: “It was essential that high quality insulation materials such as floormate were used in the gift shop extension to ensure our future energy costs and carbon emissions are kept to a minimum.”

Panel Systems is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of insulation products, composite panels, structural foams and flexible staging systems.  For more information visit the website www.floormate-online.co.uk or for sales enquiries call 0114 249 5635.

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