ZIP through your HVAC installation with Zehnder radiant heating and cooling panels

Providing a versatile and convenient solution to indoor climate control in factories, warehouses and showrooms, the Zehnder ZIP radiant heating and cooling panel is the ideal addition to any high ceilinged building.

Key to the convenience of the Zehnder ZIP radiant panel is its modular design, dual functionality, ease of use and energy saving capabilities. Benefitting from radiant technology the Zehnder Zip offers an energy saving potential of over 40% on alternative technologies, and being suitable for heating and cooling purposes works operates a year round indoor climate solution.

Further increasing the Zehnder Zip’s versatility is its ability to be configured and installed in a variety of ways. Fitted either flush or close to the ceiling, suspended straight from the ceiling or tilted at an angle and available in five differing lengths, its flexible fitting system offers numerous configuration possibilities to accommodate any building size or shape. Lightweight, easy to handle and complete with press fit connections the panels can be assembled quickly and easily, saving time and money on site.

Depending upon the project the Zehnder ZIP can also be customised to suit individual installation requirements. These include ball deflectors for sport halls, dust protection sheets for manufacturing plants and special wet room designs for swimming pools.

Finished in RAL 9016 as standard, and manufactured to EN 14037, the flexibility and functionality of the Zehnder ZIP mean it can be adapted to suit the individual requirements of any project.

For more information on the Zehnder ZIP radiant heating and cooling panel please contact Zehnder Technical Services on 01276 605800 or visit

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