Zinc Standing Seam Focal Point For Park Lane Skyline

The new spa at Park Lane’s Four Seasons Hotel, designed by Eric Parry Architects, utilised the VM ZINC PLUS® standing seam system on the rooftop extension.


Planning requirements required a perfectly curved warm roof build-up which, due to the spa’s humidity levels, had to meet BS 5250 Class 5. 


VM ZINC QUARTZ-ZINC PLUS® features on the barrel vaulted roof in sheets up to 15 metres in length while ANTHRA-ZINC PLUS® was used on the 'skirt' and perimeter gutters. Eric Parry’s Julian Ogiwara commented, “Being in such a prominent location, the importance of achieving a highly crafted roof was paramount. Key factors were product life cycle, use of single sheets of zinc to cover a 14m barrel roof without a ventilated ridge detail (which could only be achieved using VMZINC PLUS), colour range and reflectivity. The hotel operator has dubbed it the “Fifth Façade” - an appropriate compliment to this beautifully crafted roof.”

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