Perception-bending art installation crafted from magnetic tape

Up until August 20th, the French city of Bordeaux is hosting Liberté, a season of artistic events that explore ‘creative freedom.’

Curated by José-manuel Gonçalvès, the programme features various musical performances and art installations which have transformed the French city into a space brimming with contemporary artistic expression. As part of the festival, Lithuanian artist, Žilvinas Kempinas, has designed two hypnotic art installations using his signature material: magnetic tape.

Kempinas’ ‘achi-textured’ installations are situated in Bordeaux’s Garonne Quays and  La chapelle et le cloître néogothiques du Crou.  Both pieces are self-balancing and are constructed in-situ. Kempinas obtains the magnetic tape from old VHS tapes, and delicately arranges them into semi-transparent passages which blur vistor’s perception as they walk through them. 

Kempinas’ use of the black stretched strip creates an intersecting space between the chapel and the docks and draws a powerful dialogue exploring how artistic expression can be used to connect spaces and reinterpret architectural elements. 

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Photographer: Pierre Planchenault

Artist: Žilvinas Kempinas

Artwork: Tube, 2008, magnetic tape, plywood

Location: Chapelle du Crous, Bordeaux, France, 2019


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