Zero Leakage, Semi Rigid Ducting Now Inputs Into SAP

Zero Leakage, Semi Rigid Ducting Now Inputs Into Sap

Airflow has introduced Airflex Pro Semi Rigid ducting. Providing a quicker, more hygienic and zero leakage method of residential ductwork installation than traditional methods it helps maintain the energy efficiency savings achieved by specifying Ventilation with Heat Recovery units (MVHR).

Supplied on a roll and just 75mm diameter, it is measurably faster to install on-site as it is flexible while still being durable. Instead of wasting time cutting and taping flexible and plastic ducting which will inevitably leak over time, fewer parts are required and the pipe can be maneuvered not just horizontally but also laterally through conventional timber and I joists with a quick 75 core drilled hole.

John Kelly, Marketing Manager at Airflow explains,

"Such is the focus on raising the standard of future residential ductwork installations that the 2010 Building Regulations introduced a new "Domestic Ventilation Services Compliance Guide," which in part, details the correct methodology for installing residential ductwork systems. Architects need to start to consider these requirements in their building design starting today".

"Furthermore in the drive towards a lower carbon environment, ductwork systems are now considered an integral part of an energy efficient installation and from February 2011 Semi Rigid ducting performance is now recognised by 
U.K Government as an input for the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculations via Appendix Q."

"Consequently with Airflex Pro independently tested by BRE and now listed on the Appendix Q web site ventilation systems designers can now immediately benefit by specifying Airflex Pro Semi Rigid ducting as part of their overall core SAP calculations for Dwelling Emission Rate (DER)".

AIRFLEX PRO now provides a solution for specifiers and installers alike by meeting and in many cases exceeding the requirements of the latest ductwork installation guidance. It also benefits those involved in refurbishment situations as it easy to fit in any orientation and can be run vertically down the walls to connect with low level wall and floor grilles.

Indeed the double skinned, non toxic polyethylene tubing has such a high crushability factor of 16 kN/m2, which is well in excess of the minimum requirement of 8 kN/m2, it is possible to bury it in a concrete screed.

It has been demonstrated that significant time savings on-site with the "ducting on a roll" are possible for contractors making them more competitive when tendering for MVHR installations.

Another important feature of this system is how each room is connected individually to the ventilation unit. This reduces the issues of inter-room noise transmission. So if the kids are playing loud music in their bedrooms you are not going to hear it during quiet time in your living room. Likewise bath time is not going to be heard via the extract grille in the en-suite.

The low resistance piping is connected to the heat recovery unit via a narrow profile central plenum box where air is smoothed out for either extraction through the unit or for delivery into living areas within the dwelling. With a removable access plate for ease of cleaning and a simple push fit seal ring at the plenum connection, the ceiling termination and at the ventilation unit there is no possibility of leakage because there are no other interim joints.

Delivering the required amount of air to be extracted or supplied to a particular room is a simple matter of fitting a single pipe or a double length to provide higher volumes of air into larger living spaces.

Indoor air quality and hygiene issues are growing dramatically in better sealed, modern day dwellings. The UK has the highest rate of asthma sufferers in young people in Europe and with increasingly airtight dwellings, moist, stale and stuffy air abounds.

The Airflex Pro ductwork system ensures the supply air in circulation should be warm, fresh and as clean as possible with damp air extracted while the possibility of dust traps within the ductwork system are virtually eliminated.

However, to increase the overall systems hygiene, the smooth bore flexible pipe is lined with an anti-static coating to prevent dust settling.

Commercial applications also benefit from the Airflex Pro Semi Rigid duct systems particularly those sensitive installations, such as medical treatment rooms, surgeries and day centres. Where a high level of cleanliness is required, the circular smooth bore piping can be accessed via the plenum for fresh air purging with a conventional central vacuum system as part of the buildings planned maintenance schedule.

A wide selection of complementary air valves, grilles, slot diffusers and multiple connection air distribution boxes are available to suit the smallest flat to large commercial properties.

Airflex Pro provides a complete system for a fully integrated, high efficiency ventilation ductwork that works with MVHR systems to deliver cost savings on installation, leakage free operation over many years and hygienic indoor conditions ensuring the economic and environmental well being of both the building and its occupants.

Airflex Pro complements Airflow's Duplexvent range of residential and commercial Ventilation with Heat Recovery units from 270 m3/hr up to 15000 m3/hr, which regain up to 94% of otherwise wasted heat and use a triple filter system to ensure an optimum indoor environment. 


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