Zenolite – Inspirational Designs in Acrylic

Zenolite is a high gloss acrylic decorative panel that is taking the design world by storm by offering an exciting, eco friendly, colourful, tough and light weight alternative to more traditional interior surface materials such as back painted glass, ceramic, aluminium and wood.

Zenolite features a palette of 10 innovative colours to provide the designer with endless possibilities to create inspirational designs for a wide variety of applications including:kitchens, bedrooms, showrooms, hotel and office reception areas and foyers.

Special colours to match corporate identity requirements are available to order.

Highly engineered to deliver a stunning finish, Zenolite’s integrated colour layer offers superb consistency of colour. Each panel is highly resistant to UV light, cracking, staining or warping and has 25 times the impact strength of glass

Easy and quick to install, Zenolite can be fabricated or cut and profiled on site if required to meet the most challenging of designs –no special tools are required.

Maintenance is kept to a minimum; Zenolite’s high gloss finish just requires occasional cleaning with a standard detergent and soft cloth. The surface is fully repairable should damage occur.

Zenolite which is exclusively distributed in the UK by interior products provider David Clouting is available in a range of standard thicknesses and sheet sizes - bespoke sizes are available on request.

Fully recyclable, Zenolite does not give off any harmful emissions of any kind.

T: 01376 518 037
E: marketing@davidclouting.co.uk
W: www.davidclouting.co.uk

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