Zaha Hadid's mountaintop museum wins award

The late Zaha Hadid was a winner of the Professional category at the recent American Institute of Architects (AIA) UK Chapter Excellence in Design Awards, held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London.

Frederick Grier, President of the AIA UK, paid tribute to the late Dame Zaha Hadid, who had a longstanding history with the organisation. The AIA is over 150 years old in the US, and now has 88,000 members worldwide.

Its London chapter was officially recognized in 1994 when Hadid was on the first jury. In his speech Grier paid tribute to Hadid’s commitment to the organisation and her passionate creativity which she expected in equal measure from others.

“Her presence and support of our chapter was pivotal from the very beginning. In 2000, when she arrived early to the Student Design Charrette, she astounded the students by chastising them for not taking the event – and design in general – seriously enough. She was indeed serious about design. Her work and career was a beacon not just for women in architecture, but for all of us.”

The anonymous submissions to the 2016 awards were adjudicated a jury who included: Armstrong Yakubu, Foster & Partners; Charlotte Skene Catling, Skene Catling de la Pena; Michael Mossessian, Mossessian Architecture; Alex Lifschutz, Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands; Amy Frearson, Dezeen; Frederick Grier, UHA London, AIA UK President; Adrian Evans, Huddersfield University.

The 2016 awards’ three categories – Student, Young Architect and Professional – were designed to give young architects the opportunity for professional recognition, and aren’t competing with better-resourced, more established firms. This year the jury decided to award three commendations for the Professional category.

Professional Winner

Zaha Hadid Architects - Messner Mountain Museum

(© Zaha Hadid Architects, © Werner Huthmacher)

Jury Comments:

"...integration of the museum into the mountain peak with expert precision"

"...framing views and celebrating mountaineering"

"...a destination for non-climbers to achieve heights"

Professional Commendation

John McAslan + Partners - Sacred Heart Cathedral of Kericho

(© Edmund Sumner, Sumner Partnership Ltd.)

Jury Comments:

"Building in developing countries presents many challenges, and seeing the sophistication with which the architects have integrated local materials and the use of local tradesmen to deliver such a fantastic result - housing up to 1500 people under one incredibly large and yet light-filtered roof is a testament to their skill. The jury was impressed at the balance of site appropriate design with modern engineering to deliver a spirit-filled space in Africa."

Professional Commendation

Allies and Morrison - Rambert

(© Allies & Morrison )

Jury Comments:

"This is clearly a difficult site with a large, complicated programme... but has been executed with a simplicity that belies that complexity. The rendered section clearly demonstrates the elegance of this solution!"

Professional Commendation

Duggan Morris Architects - Richmond Adult Community College

(© Mark Hadden )

Jury Comments:

"The seamless integration of old and new has never been achieved with such clever creativity. This is a beautiful space to get dirty. The arrangement of the buildings and choices made by the architects proves this community college to be much more than the sum of its parts."

Young Architect Award

Merrett Houmøller Architects - Analogue Boathouse

(© Alan Williams)

Jury Comments:

"A stunning and poetic example of how to build within nature! This boathouse clearly maintains the serenity of the existing pond, and exploits that beauty through materials, proportion and light."

Noel Hill Travel Award

Tonderai Prince Maboreke – from Ravensbourne University

Southbank Pavilion



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