Z-Led offers flash of inspiration to combat lead theft

An innovative, sustainable and cost-effective alternative to lead, which eliminates the risk, inconvenience and cost of it being stolen, is available from Z-Led.

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of damp proofing solutions, Z-Led has developed AluFlash, a corrosion-resistant aluminium sheet, to provide a viable, practical and aesthetic alternative to lead flashing. It is already proven in practice and widely used in domestic and heritage buildings both generally and in conservation areas.

Kelly Phipps of Z-Led elaborates, “The price of lead is currently at a record high, encouraging its theft. Research shows that many building insurance policies limit claims for replacement to £5000 a year, yet the cost of replacing and repairing damage caused by theft of even a comparatively small quantity of lead from a roof can easily exceed that in just one incident! Aluflash looks like lead, performs better, and eliminates the risk of theft as it has little scrap/resale value.”

Aluflash can be used wherever lead flashing would traditionally be employed- and beyond: its non-toxic construction means it is suitable for use with rainwater harvesting installations, and prevents oxidisation over time. The surface finish can be simply wiped clean to remove site dirt and debris such as cement mortar, and comes in a traditional ‘lead grey’ to complement the building aesthetics. It has been specifically developed to enable easy moulding in both simple and complex planes, to ensure a watertight seal above windows, into gutters and roof valleys, achieve roll joints and similar detailing replicating traditional lead details.

In addition, it is AA fire rated, enabling unrestricted use regardless of the proximity of adjacent buildings.

Z-Led’s AluFlash is unaffected by temperature, can be laid effectively in hot or cold conditions and is compatible with all common roof materials- concrete, clay, slate and metal. The material is supplied in manageable 5m rolls, in widths from 150mm- 600mm in 50mm increments, minimising wastage. As it requires no specialist tools or skills to install, and will not be stolen like lead, it is also delivers enhanced lifetime costings.

Aluflash is just part of Z-Led’s comprehensive range of materials to defend buildings against damp and gas penetration, and optimise fire protection. Part of the Building Product Design Group, Z-Led (www.z-led.com) specialises in developing innovative yet practical solutions to meet changing demands in its specific markets.

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