Your Parking Post questions, answered!

AUTOPA has been manufacturing parking posts for over 60 years, and in that time we have been asked numerous questions about how to maintain and operate them. Find out the answers to our most commonly asked Parking Post questions below.

I’ve lost my key, what do I do?

Simple, just give AUTOPA a call. We are able to provide new keys as long as you know what the key number is. Unsure of your key number? It’s stamped on the base plate.

The lock is jammed and my key won’t turn.

If your lock is jammed and the key is not turning, you might need to replace the lock. This is easy to do, just give AUTOPA a call on +44 (0)1788 550556 and we can supply you with a new lock and two new keys. Changing the lock is easy and simple to do, and we can provide you with full instructions to guide you through the process.

The key is turning, but it isn’t unlocking the post.

The locking arm has most likely worked its way loose. Don’t worry, this can be easily fixed by taking the black cap off and tightening the nut on the inside of the lock. Et Voilà; as good as new!

My Parking post is stuck in the down position and won’t move; HELP!

If the lock will not move, then it has most likely been hit and is now locked in the down position. All you need to do is push the post towards the base plate and turn the key in the lock, this should release the post and allow you to move it into the up position.

If you are struggling to get the post unlocked, give the AUTOPA sales office a call, and they will help you get your post back into working order.

How do I keep my post in good working order?

Parking posts are built to last and as a result, there is very little ongoing maintenance that is required. However, there are few things that need to be checked on a semi-regular basis to ensure the post is working as expected.

  • Check fixings: Check that the fixings are secure into the concrete and that your post is fixed firmly in place
  • Check the base plate is clear of debris and stones which could prevent the post from moving between the up and down positions
  • Keep the lock well lubricated. If your post is not used regularly, keep the lock in good working order with a quick spray of WD40 or similar.

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