Yokis RF smart ligting control

Yokis Smart Lighting Control With Max Pro!

Yokis: The alternative approach to home and building automation.
Digital micromodules for lights and blind automation.

The Max Pro comes with a built in Yokis radio transmitter and app for simple control of lighting and blinds. Button icons can be configured to represent rooms or zones in the home. Along with a useful all off function, scenarios and zone scene settings can be configured.

Yokis can be provided as a standalone lighting solution or in conjunction with the Max Pro touchscreen, to find out more about Yokis visit http://www.yokis.com/en/

Each receiver can be controlled by an unlimited number of transmitters, thus simplifying the introduction of new
wall-mounted or portable radio controls.
■■ All transmitters can be configured to operate with single or centralised control.
■■ Thanks to the wide band of Yokis Radio Bus, it is possible to send several commands and information for
centralisations and scenarios at the same time.
■■ A very fast transmission of information on Radio Bus allows having almost immediate response times. Therefore it is
possible to simultaneously control several hundreds of radio micromodules.
■■ Based on a two-way system: each radio control provides for the relevant control reception feedback.
■■ Each Yokis radio module is addressed through a unique and protected identification code.
■■ Modules with external antenna are useful to increase the radio range, for instance in case of flush-mounted metal
boxes that might reduce the range.
■■ Easier installation: Radio Bus configuration and check is even simpler thanks to Yokis Pro app tailored for
■■ More comfort for final user: thanks to Yokis Hub and YnO app, you can manage your systems from wherever you
are, inside and outside of your house.
■■ Transmitter pushbuttons can be configured according to your needs: switch-on only, switch-off only and toggle.
■■ Increase the range of a transmitter with the Radio Bus to reach a distant receiver.

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