Yang Sing Hotel, Manchester
Interior Designer - Roberta Fulford

A Grade II listed Victorian cotton warehouse in Manchester city centre has been converted into a 48-bedroom hotel retaining the original building's loft-like feel. Being able to make use of the original rooflight openings on the fifth floor was essential to the project. Says Roberta Fulford, Interior Designer for Yang Sing: "The spaces in the fifth floor are unusual because of the pitch line of the roof, so a feeling of space and light was crucial to making the space work." The large original Victorian rooflights needed to be replaced in heritage style, so the Rooflight Company was approached because of its reputation for offering a sensitive solution to listed developments. The minimal frames of the Conservation range were in keeping with both the Victorian heritage of the building and the modern, airy, interior design. "The Conservation Rooflights® were simply the best product for this building," says Fulford. The Rooflight Company designed and made 12 large bespoke Conservation Rooflights® to go within the existing openings as well as 31 smaller models.

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