Xpelair, leaders in energy-saving ventilation solutions, and part of the Applied Energy Group has announced the introduction of a comprehensive range of ultra-quiet, high performance Micro-wind turbines.

Following a major investment in Eclectic Energy, a long-established manufacturer of wind turbines, the company has announced an Xpelair range of renewable energy generating, roof-mounted micro-wind turbines called ‘Stealth-Gen’

Small scale or micro-generation of energy is a key part of the Governments strategy for reducing carbon emissions. Over 20 years the new Xpelair Stealth-Gen can produce 11,000KW hours of electricity, saving over 4.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide. The benefits of Micro-generation technologies are highlighted within the recently published Energy White Paper.

Commenting on the development Richard Scott, Business Manager at Xpelair’s parent company Applied Energy said “This is an exciting move, as increasing regulation in building products, energy performance and carbon reduction have created a growing demand for renewable sources of electricity in many different applications, for many of our customers.

“Micro-generation was cited as a fundamental part of the Governments strategy for meeting climate change targets and improving energy security in the recent Energy White Paper.”

Mass-production of the low-noise, roof-mounted wind-turbines has commenced at Xpelair’s Peterborough base following the investment in Eclectic Energy.

Eclectic Energy has developed some of the most highly respected and proven micro-wind turbine technology available in the UK today. These world-class products will now be available with the full technical support, integrated application design and after-sales back-up of Xpelair.

Initially Xpelair is launching the Stealth-Gen; specifically developed for urban environments. “It’s important to the overall development of this market that manufacturers are responsible with which products are specified and where” adds Richard Scott.

“Responsibly specified Micro-wind turbines can make a genuine contribution to reducing carbon emissions. Xpelair is launching the Stealth-Gen because it is designed for more urban environments, with a powerful but low friction axial field alternator, which provides for start-up at lower wind speeds and result in lower noise levels and vibration free operation.”

The Stealth-Gen has been designed to be the most appropriate solution for most UK homes and comes complete with a unique fixing system which allows for safe, secure and unobtrusive installation. The low visual impact is an attractive feature for many households. The company is committed to responsible specification of the product both in system design and installed location.

The low-speed, high solidity rotor with multiple blades, creates maximum toque and therefore maximum energy generation from the available wind resources. It is capable of sustained power generation above 500watts. This world-class performance makes it suitable in applications where other wind-turbines are not.

At average wind speeds of just 12mph, the Xpelair Stealth-Gen will significantly contribute to a household’s electricity requirement; and even at lower wind speeds the unit is always lowering carbon emissions. Xpelair is recommending the Stealth-Gen as part of a wider solutions based approach to low carbon homes.

Richard Scott added “Our customers are benefiting from integrated low-carbon design, where other low and zero carbon products from Applied Energy are combined to great effect in a single building”

The company will be actively specifying the Stealth-Gen alongside its solar, heat-pump and mechanical ventilation with heat-recovery systems from other brands available from the group, Creda, Redring and Stiebel Eltron.

The new Xpelair Stealth-Gen can be directly attached to wherever zero-carbon electricity is required, for water heating as an example; or grid-tied. The Grid-tied system includes as standard the required G83 approved inverter, which seamlessly feeds free energy back into the domestic electricity supply.

The power generation unit is precision engineered for maximum reliability, performance and trouble-free operation, complete with an Xpelair guarantee.

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