Dow Building Solutions, the inventor of STYROFOAMTM has developed XENERGYTM to achieve a significantly improved LAMBDA insulation performance and to deliver a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than five. 

Through combining a manufacturing process which uses CO2 as the blowing agent and adding infra-red blocking particles to scatter andreflect heat radiation within the foam board, LAMBDA values have been increased by 11%.

Dow Building Solutions has decades of history in the construction industry, which began with the launch of STYROFOAM™ extruded polystyrene insulation in the 1940s, and there have been a number of key innovations since then. STYROFOAM™-A products were the first XPS to be made in the UK with CO2 as the blowing agent.

XENERGY™ SL, the first XENERGY product available in the UK, is designed to offer highly moisture-resistant flat roof insulation at thinner thicknesses than conventional XPS alternatives. XENERGY™ SL offers 4mW thermal conductivity gains in various thicknesses. 

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